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Defective Drugs

Medications and drugs can assist us with pain management, treat diseases, and help us lead healthier and happier lives. Unfortunately, not every drug helps us, and even pharmaceuticals that have made it through government regulations and safety screens may harm us. Defective drugs may cause lasting harm and even death to those who use them.

If you’ve taken a defective drug and been injured as a result, speak with a lawyer from Harford P.C., today.

At Harford P.C., we’re focused on helping clients harmed by defective drugs. At our firm, we know how difficult it can be after you’ve been injured, and we’re here to help. Mr. Harford personally handles every case. Throughout your claim, we’ll fight for your recovery and the compensation you deserve.

We’ll never send you a bill that you need to pay out of pocket, and we’ll only collect expenses and fees if we win or settle. If you’ve been injured by a defective drug, contact us today online or by phone for a free initial consultation about your case.

Client Testimonials

“I would recommend Scott to anyone needing competent legal advice and would not hesitate to refer him to family or friends. Should the need arise again; he would be my first call.”

– Julian Cauceglia, Punta Gorda, Florida

How Our Firm Helps Victims of Dangerous Drugs

Most drugs are safe and effective tools for treating conditions and diseases, but some of them can present significant dangers to those who take them. Although government regulations are in place for medications, many pharmaceutical companies rush products through testing and release drugs that are not safe for consumers. When companies put their profits before your health, it can have devastating consequences for you and your family.

At Harford P.C., we know how badly dangerous drugs can harm you and your health. In every case, we can investigate the safety of the drugs, evaluate your injuries, negotiate with those responsible and, if needed, take your claim to court for the compensation you deserve.

We are prepared to thoroughly and effectively investigate problems with defective drugs and help you pursue compensation for your injuries. When drug companies harm you and those you love, we’re here to hold them accountable.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Defective Medications?

When you’re harmed by defective drugs, there may be many parties who were responsible for your injuries. Drug developers, manufacturers, testing laboratories, distributors, doctors, and many others may be at fault for your injuries. A lawyer can review the facts of your situation, investigate your injuries, and help you determine who should be held responsible for your injuries.

Developers and manufacturers of drugs are often liable for any defective drugs they produce. Developers are responsible for creating safe drugs that help patient health. If they fail in their duties, they may be liable. Manufacturers also have duties to protect your health when they are producing medication. When manufacturers produce inherently defective drugs, or produce flawed medications due to poor safety and quality standards, they may be held responsible for your injuries. In both cases, when designers and manufacturers produce defective drugs and don’t warn patients, they may be held liable.

Testing laboratories may also be liable in some situations. Medications are often tested for safety and efficacy by independent labs. These labs should catch any dangerous problems and ensure that the medication is safe for use. Unfortunately, these labs can fail in their duties, allowing dangerous drugs to reach the market. If a lab fails to catch problems with a drug, or fails to notify the manufacturer of problems, they may be responsible for injuries that occur.

Those who market, sell and distribute defective drugs may also be held responsible for your injuries. Those who sell drugs must warn you about dangerous problems, but sometimes those duties come into conflict with their desire to make a profit. Sellers and distributors may provide dangerous drugs that can harm your health even though there are known problems. In those cases, and others, sellers and distributors may be held responsible for your injuries.

After distribution, defective drugs may end up in the hands of pharmacists. Pharmacists have professional duties to make sure that they are giving you the correct medication and that the medication does not have any known interactions with medications you are already taking. If a pharmacist, or a pharmacy, fails to give you the correct drug, or fails to catch any dangerous interactions, they could be responsible for your injuries.

Hospitals, healthcare organizations, and doctors may be held responsible for your injuries if they fail to warn you about known dangers with your medication. They may also be held liable if they don’t give you the proper instructions and information about usage. Hospitals and doctors have unique duties to protect the health of their patients. When they fail to live up to their duties, they may be at fault.

If defective drugs have harmed you, there may be multiple parties involved. Developers and manufacturers, labs, distributors, pharmacies, and doctors should all watch out for your health. When they don’t, a dangerous drug claim may help you secure the compensation you need to help you recover.

Compensation for Defective Drug Injuries

When you’ve suffered injuries due to a defective drug, there may be compensation available for your losses. Although the types of compensation vary from claim to claim, there are some types of compensation that are common. Medical bills, compensation for lost wages, and pain and suffering compensation may all be available.

A defective drug claim may obtain compensation for any medical costs stemming from your injuries. When you’re harmed by a defective drug, you may be facing expensive immediate treatment, and your injuries may require future medical treatment. A dangerous drug claim may help you secure compensation for any past or future treatment related to your injuries.

A claim may also help you find compensation for your lost wages and damage to your future earning potential. Dangerous drugs can have major consequences for your health and your life. When you’re dealing with these types of injuries, you may need time away from work in order to heal. Unfortunately, this means you may lose income that is vital to you and your family. Defective drugs may also limit your ability to earn money in the future. A claim for compensation due to defective drugs may include the wages you lose and the damage your earning potential suffers.

Pain and suffering damages may also be available. Pain and suffering damages are available when a dangerous drug causes physical or mental anguish. Dangerous drugs can set off a chain of injury that can leave you in severe physical pain that can disrupt your life and your health. They may also lead to lasting emotional and mental problems that can follow you around for years. If a defective drug causes lasting physical or mental harm to you, a lawyer can review your case and help you understand your options for recovery.

After you’ve been injured by a defective drug, these and other forms of compensation may be available to you. A defective drug attorney can talk with you, review the facts, and help you understand how you may be able to recover compensation.

What Has to Happen for a Drug to Be Recalled?

When the government or manufacturers find problems with a drug, they may recall it from the market. There can be many reasons for a recall, ranging from inherent problems and deadly interactions to problems with the production and distribution of the drug. In some cases, drugs are voluntarily withdrawn by those who make them, and in others, the drug is forcibly removed from the market by regulators.  In other cases, the manufacturer may change its labelling to warn doctors and consumers about risks inherent with the drug.

Drugs usually have to show a pattern of danger before the government or manufacturers recall them. Companies who produce drugs and the government may withdraw drugs when there are problems with production, labeling, or warning materials, or there are reports of emerging dangers from the drug. Drug recalls are a clear sign that a drug has problems, but even if a drug hasn’t been recalled, it may still be dangerous.

Can You File a Claim If the Drug Hasn’t Been Recalled?

You may file a claim even when a drug hasn’t been recalled. When the FDA and other government bodies approve a drug, it doesn’t mean that the drug is completely safe. It only means that drug has met certain minimum requirements for testing. In many defective drug cases, the side effects and dangers of a drug may not appear for some time after a drug is released.

In many cases, manufacturers and the government won’t recall a defective drug until there is a clear pattern of danger that emerges. This means that you may be taking a defective drug without knowing it. If you suffer injuries or dangerous side-effects from taking the drug, you may be able to pursue a claim even though there has not been an official recall.

Recalls can be an important piece of evidence that shows the dangerous nature of a drug. However, they aren’t essential to a dangerous drug claim. If you believe you’ve been harmed by a dangerous drug, a lawyer can advise you on next steps and let you know how your claim may proceed.

Dangerous Drug Cases Our Firm Has Handled

At Harford P.C., we’ve handled a wide range of defective drug cases. We understand how defective drugs can harm you and your family, and we understand what it takes to build a strong case from the beginning.

We’ve focused on many defective drugs, including:

  • Abilify/Compulsive Gambling. Abilify is a drug produced to help with several different issues including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and others. Unfortunately, this drug may also cause significant side effects, including compulsive gambling and other compulsive behaviors. These side effects can drain a victim’s finances and lead to lasting harm.
  • Actemra/Heart Attacks. Actemra is a drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other related conditions. This drug may also cause heart problems and heart attacks in those who take it. The labels for Actemra do not warn of these dangerous side effects that may lead to life-threatening problems for patients.
  • Invokana/Foot & Toe Amputations. Invokana is produced by Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals to help patients with Type 2 diabetes. However, the FDA has issued communications stating that this drug may significantly increase the risk of leg, foot, and toe amputations.
  • Onglyza/Heart Failure. Onglyza is another drug used to treat and manage Type 2 diabetes. Use of this drug may lead to an increased risk of heart failure for those who take it.
  • Proton Pump Inhibitors/Kidney Failure. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are used to treat stomach and gastrointestinal problems. These drugs decrease acid production and can be highly effective in treating a range of problems. However, these drugs have also been linked to kidney failure and many other problems, particularly in older adults.
  • Viberzi/Pancreatitis. This drug is used to treat irritable bowel syndrome but may cause pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas. This inflammation can lead to life-threatening problems and may result in lasting damage and death for patients.

These and many other drugs can have dangerous side-effects for patients. If you’ve been harmed by a dangerous drug, get the medical attention you need, and speak with a lawyer about your options.

Helping Those Harmed by Dangerous Drugs

At Harford P.C., we’ve helped clients find compensation after they’ve been harmed by dangerous drugs. We know how badly you can be harmed by dangerous drugs, and we’re here to help you find the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been injured by a dangerous drug, contact us today about your case.

We’ll never send you a bill that you need to pay out of pocket, and we’ll only collect expenses and fees if we win or settle. If you’ve been injured by dangerous drug, contact us today by phone or online for a free initial consultation.


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