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Boosted Boards / Personal Injury

Boosted Boards / Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured in an accident on a Boosted board, Harford P.C., can help. Boosted boards and other electric transportation options are relatively new and can present many dangers to riders. Boosted boards can accelerate or brake suddenly and may present fire and smoke hazards to riders.

At Harford P.C., we’re focused on helping people who have been harmed by Boosted boards. At our firm, Mr. Harford personally handles every case. When you’re working with us, we’ll keep you informed and up-to-date on every development in your case.

We’ll never send you a bill that you need to pay out of pocket, and we’ll only collect expenses and fees if we win or settle. Contact us today online or by phone for a free initial consultation about your case.

What Are Boosted Boards?

Boosted boards are a type of electric skateboard that operates on battery power. These skateboards are capable of high speeds of over 20 miles per hour and can be used anywhere that a normal skateboard could go.

While these boards offer consumers a high-speed, efficient way of getting around, they also can present many dangers. Boosted boards have been growing in popularity, but there are known problems with the product.

The boards include a wireless remote, allowing riders to control the speed and braking of the board. This allows riders to avoid many of the difficulties of riding a standard skateboard while enjoying the convenience of an electric-powered mode of transportation. However, failures in the remote or the wireless connection may result in dangerous situations.

Problems with Boosted Boards Injure Riders

Boosted boards have presented many dangers from their high speed and torque, their brakes, and their lithium-ion batteries.

Boosted boards can reach speeds of over 20 miles per hour and can apply a significant amount of torque on the fly. Riders who are unaccustomed to the speed and power of a Boosted board may travel too fast, and sudden changes in torque may throw riders off the board. This can lead to significant injuries and problems for riders down the line.

Boosted boards have also had reports of brake failures. When riders are traveling downhill, particularly when the board is fully charged, the brakes on the board may fail, resulting in loss of control and severe injury.

Last, there have been reports of the on-board batteries failing, leading to smoking and fire hazards. In January 2017, a manufacturer issued a recall of thousands of boards due to smoking problems with the batteries. If lithium batteries catch on fire, the flames could cause significant burns and injury to riders.

Boosted boards may present significant dangers to riders. If you’ve been injured while using a Boosted board, contact a lawyer to discuss your injuries. We can investigate your case and help you pursue the recovery you deserve.

Injuries Caused by Boosted Boards

Consumers have reported a variety of injuries from using Boosted boards, including:

  • Torn muscles, tendons and injuries to joints. Boosted boards may stop when a battery or other failure occurs. Riders may also be unprepared for sudden acceleration by the board. These sudden changes of momentum can throw riders and cause serious injury.
  • Broken bones. Boosted boards are powerful pieces of equipment, and their use can result in being thrown or taking falls. When these happen, riders may break bones, leading to a lengthy recovery.
  • Head injuries. When riding a Boosted board, or similar device, riders may be thrown from the board by sudden acceleration and braking. If this happens, it’s easy for riders to suffer severe and lasting head injuries, including lacerations, concussions, and fractures.
  • Fire and smoke hazards. The battery packs on Boosted boards have presented fire and smoke hazards to riders. These hazards may occur during use, or while the unit is charging. If batteries overheat, they can produce toxic fumes and potentially start fires that can lead to serious burns.

These and many other injuries may occur due to a Boosted board. If you have been injured by a Boosted board, contact our firm for a free initial consultation about your injuries. We can review your case and advise you on next steps.

How Our Firm Can Help Victims of Boosted Board Injuries

Our firm is dedicated to helping those harmed by Boosted boards. We understand how severe these types of injuries can be, and we can help you in many ways, including:

  • Investigating your accident. We can investigate any known problems with Boosted boards and compare them to your situation. We can also bring in experts to analyze what happened in your case and how the board may have caused your injuries. When we’re involved with a Boosted board case, we’ll collect and preserve any evidence that your claim needs, including the board itself, photos and videos, witness testimony, and medical reports.
  • Handling any negotiations or settlement. When you’re injured and you’re pursuing compensation, an experienced lawyer can help you build and negotiate a settlement. Any settlement negotiations will be built on strong evidence and a deep understanding of how much compensation you may be entitled to. At Harford P.C. we know what goes into negotiations, and throughout any discussions, we’ll fight for you and the recovery you deserve.
  • Advocating for you in court. If your claim needs to go to court, we can advocate for you and your interests every step of the way. We can build a legal strategy, handle any filings, and be the voice you need throughout the entire process.

If you’ve been injured by a Boosted board, contact us today. At Harford P.C., we’re here to help. We can review your case and speak with about next steps.

Boosted Board Attorneys on Your Side

At Harford P.C., we’re here to help you. If you’ve been injured by a Boosted board, we’re available to help you build a claim for the compensation you need. We’ll never send you a bill that you need to pay out of pocket, and we’ll only collect expenses and fees if we secure compensation for you.

After an injury on a Boosted board, get medical attention, and then contact us by phone or online for a free initial consultation.

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